This is an easy book to dismiss as being cooler for an adult than for a child: its purposefully witty pop-ups transform a C into a D, an E into an F, an X into a Y. Letters mutate into new letters amid a simple background of black, white, and red, with the occasional mirrored or translucent page for a particularly novel change. But don’t be fooled: this just so happens to be mesmerizing material for a two year old not yet fully versed in the alphabet. Yes, Marion Bataille’s book was meant to grace the coffee tables of “artistes” in Soho and San Francisco, but it’s a wildly inventive and wonderful way to hook your child on letters — or so says my two year old, who adores this book. Giggle factor: has a “wow” factor instead. Adult enjoyment: likely. Illustrations: five jelly jars (but keep it on the top shelf or the U will become spaghetti).


~ by kaychubbuck on June 1, 2010.

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  1. For a video demonstration of Bataille’s work (best appreciated in 3D, of course), see

    Or read a (slightly) longer review from The Washington Post:

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