The Other Side

Zoom and Re-Zoom may be Istvan Banyai’s most famous books, but The Other Side appears to be James’ favorite, perhaps because of its paper airplanes. As a reviewer in the School Library Journal wrote, “There’s nothing mundane or predictable about Banyai’s wordless picture book… [T]he illustrator takes his audience on a visual journey that begins with a nearly blank page that, when turned, reveals instructions for folding a paper airplane. On the next page, a girl in her high-rise apartment practices her cello and a paper airplane can be seen outside her window. Readers flip the page to see the girl’s building from the outside looking in. Paper airplanes are everywhere, thanks to a young neighbor one floor up who has been practicing his folding skills. Each pair of pages, front and back, presents inside and outside views, and although the scenes are not obviously linked to a larger plotline, they are connected through reoccurring images, colors, and themes.” Giggle factor: not applicable. Adult enjoyment: this is a very clever book. If you have a small child, you may initially appreciate it more than he does. Illustrations: four jelly jars for the bold, anime-style drawings in black, white, and yellow.


~ by kaychubbuck on June 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Other Side”

  1. Here is the official blurb from Chronicle Books:
    There’s also a limited preview on Google Books — though bizarrely (or appropriately?) — many of the pages have been printed backwards:

  2. […] By the creator of The Other Side, Istvan Banyai‘s Zoom is not your mother’s picture book […]

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