I have to admit that the storyline of Paula Fox’s Traces is a bit sparse, but Karla Kuskin‘s detailed, squiggly illustrations of ferns and fiddleheads, ladybugs and lace are really a sight to behold. They make this simple detective story about what creature left its “trace” in bubbles on the lilypond or slippery smears on the windowsill come alive. Plus, James seems to think it’s fun to guess the answers to the questions even after repeated readings, so for a two year old, the storyline may be just right. Personally, I like the glittery gold dollops of the sun and the collaged bits of newspapers mixed in with the precisely rendered plant drawings. This is a book I would choose just for the art. Giggle factor: not applicable. Adult enjoyment: if you like art. Illustrations: five jelly jars.


~ by kaychubbuck on July 8, 2010.

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