Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears

So perhaps I should make it official and dedicate this week to Emily Gravett, whose clever books combine the best of British humor with incredibly inventive art. In Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears, for instance, a mouse documents what scares him with lift-the-flaps, die-cut pages, and a fold-out map. Included among the fears are “dystychiphobia,” fear of accidents; “hydrophobia,” fear of water; and “whereamiaphobia,” fear of getting lost. As James himself has recently discovered a fear of water (all ability to swim having vanished on the institution of formal lessons), he can relate to the little mouse’s twitchy tale of toilets with too-high seats and loud gurgly drains. Giggle factor: high. Adult enjoyment: likely. Illustrations: ten jelly jars on a one to five scale (likely why the book won Britain’s Kate Greenaway Medal).


~ by kaychubbuck on August 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears”

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  2. […] Like Spells, The Rabbit Problem, and Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears, Emily Gravett‘s Meerkat Mail uses a variety of storytelling techniques to chronicle Sunny the Meerkat’s adventures […]

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