City Dog, Country Frog

It’s hard to imagine a picture book blog without some tribute to Mo Willems, but it’s equally hard to unearth a book by Willems that isn’t completely overexposed at this point in time. Even tiny airport bookstores carry Knuffle Bunny, after all. But perhaps City Dog, Country Frog fits the bill. Illustrated by Jon Muth, this simple twist on the city / country fable follows a dog’s adventures in the country with his local guide, a frog, through the different seasons. School Library Journal: “Spare, poignant, and ultimately upbeat, this tale depicts the natural cycle of friendship from an enthusiastic first encounter to contented companionship to the heartbreak of loss and eventual emotional renewal. Presented with a comfortingly consistent narrative structure, the events are set against the backdrop of the changing seasons, reassuring readers that winter will turn again to spring, sadness to joy.” Giggle factor: not applicable; toddler tear-jerker instead. Adult enjoyment: depends on how sentimental you are. Illustrations: five jelly jars.


~ by kaychubbuck on August 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “City Dog, Country Frog”

  1. We just got this book as a gift and love it! Beautiful illustrations. The dog has such expressive eyes and body language. Benji is totally into this book, describing the dog’s emotions.

  2. […] By the same illustrator as City Dog, Country Frog, Zen Ghosts is the third installment in John Muth‘s award-winning series about the panda Stillwater […]

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