Meerkat Mail

Like Spells, The Rabbit Problem, and Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears, Emily Gravett‘s Meerkat Mail uses a variety of storytelling techniques to chronicle Sunny the Meerkat’s adventures as he visits other members of the Mongoose Family and sends postcards back to the Kalahari Desert. As with any trip, the food is not always agreeable (Sunny likes bugs on toast), the weather not always predictable (sometimes it rains), and the company not always reliable. (For instance, he is pursued throughout the book by a shadowy jackal who seems to have come along for the ride.) James loves turning the postcards over to examine the intricate stamps; I like how the home address fluctuates to accentuate Sunny’s mood. (For example, when he feels cold and scared, the postcard is addressed to his meerkat family “warm, snuggly, under the duvet”; his own name switches from Sunny to Soggy.) Unlike Gravett’s Wolves (which James does *not* like), no animals are eaten as part of this book; Sunny returns safe to his family to embrace both his relatives and their motto, “Stay safe, stay together,” and the jackal lopes away. Giggle factor: moderate. Adult enjoyment: likely. Illustrations: five jelly jars. The meerkat family album photos in particular are priceless.


~ by kaychubbuck on August 19, 2010.

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