Harry and Horsie

Katie Van Camp and Lincoln Agnew‘s Harry and Horsie looks like it popped right out of the 1950s with bold, cartoon-inspired art. (I kept waiting for a panel saying “POW!”) One night, Harry sneaks out of bed to play with his Super Dooper Bubble Blooper and the bubbles get a little. . . out of this world, carrying off Harry’s toy Horsie.  School Library Journal: “Harry’s adventure in rescuing his beloved stuffed animal is enhanced by retro-style, computer-generated illustrations in beige, blue, and black with touches of red and gold. Planets that hang from Harry’s ceiling, a crescent moon shining into his room, and the racecar posters decorating his walls all foreshadow the boy’s quest. . . This simple story looks as though it could have been written and illustrated in the 1950s, but it will appeal to today’s readers as well.” Giggle factor: depends; personally, I found the cat licking up the Milky Way kind of witty. Adult enjoyment: do you like Roy Lichtenstein? Illustrations: five jelly jars. For the book’s official website, click here.


~ by kaychubbuck on August 22, 2010.

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