Petit, the Monster

Despite the word “monster” in the title, Isol‘s Petit is a good book for teaching small children about the difference between exhibiting bad behavior and being a bad person. After all, how many people are good all the time? School Library Journal: “This charming import from Argentina follows Petit as he tries to figure out what makes him good when he’s good and bad when he’s bad. For example, he’s bad when he lies, but he’s good when he tells stories. He’s good when he takes special care of his toys, but ‘Is it bad not to want to share them?’ Poor Petit cannot figure out these strange dichotomies in his life. He supposes it runs in his family because Mother is good when she understands him but not so good when she sends him off to bed without dessert. Isol’s deceptively simple, cartoonlike illustrations that mix pencil drawing, oil pastels, and digital art aptly convey Petit’s behavior. In the end, the child is reassured that, no matter what, his dog loves him.” Giggle factor: moderate. Adult enjoyment: if you like art. Illustrations: four jelly jars.


~ by kaychubbuck on September 25, 2010.

One Response to “Petit, the Monster”

  1. When Jeremy saw your description of this book, he bought it on Amazon (even though I had it on hold at the library). Benji loves it! It totally connects with him and his confusion about whether he is a good boy or bad boy. We’ve been working on this, and this book helped.

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