It’s a Book

By the creator of Pinocchio the BoyLane Smith‘s newest offering is a pint-sized satire on our brave new world, in which children start consuming electronic media from the time they are toddlers. (If you don’t believe it, read the New York Timesrecent article on infants and iPhones.) School Library Journal: “Slapstick humor ensues in an armchair face-off when one character, reared on a diet of Web 2.0 and gaming, cannot fathom what to do with a book and slings a barrage of annoying questions, ‘Can you blog with it? How do you scroll down? Can you make the characters fight?’ … Exasperated, Monkey hands over the volume. Life, death, and madness, all in a single illustrated page of Treasure Island, draw Jackass in. He responds with a knee-jerk reaction (‘too many letters’) and hilariously reduces it to text speak, but his interest is piqued. He covets the book and readers watch him pore over it for hours. Repeated images of him transfixed, shifting left to right, up and down, ears upright, then splayed, and eyes wide open, fill a wordless spread and offer a priceless visual testimony to the focused interaction between readers’ imaginations and a narrative. Mouse delivers the final punch line, which will lead to a fit of naughty but well-deserved laughter, and shouts of ‘Encore.’ A clever choice for readers, young and old.” Giggle factor: much higher for adults than for children, who won’t get the joke. Adult enjoyment: you’ll like it more than your child. This book’s for you! Illustrations: three jelly jars.


~ by kaychubbuck on October 18, 2010.

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