Uri Shulevitz’s Snow celebrates the magic of an unexpected snowfall in prose that is “as spare as a December landscape.” Publisher’s Weekly: “Despite predictions to the contrary (‘No snow,’ said the radio; ‘It’ll melt,’ said a woman with an umbrella’), a boy and his dog spy a single snowflake and rush outside in gleeful anticipation. Sure enough, one snowflake turns into two, two into three, and before long snow is ‘dancing, playing,/ there, and there,/ floating, floating through the air.’ In a lovely fantasy sequence that hints at the wonder children find in snowfall, a trio of Mother Goose characters climb down from a bookshop window to join the boy and his dog as they frolic through the city streets. The Caldecott Medalist works a bit of visual alchemy as the tale progresses, gradually transforming the chilly gray watercolor washes with flecks of snow, until his cityscape is a frozen fairyland.” Giggle factor: not applicable. Adult enjoyment: if you like art. Illustrations: five jelly jars.


~ by kaychubbuck on December 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Snow”

  1. We checked this book out last winter and loved it! Something magical about the quiet snow.

  2. […] In the same quiet vein as Snow, Uri Shulevitz’s So Sleepy Story combines a whimsical storyline with dreamlike pictures […]

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