The Red Scarf

We stumbled across The Red Scarf by Anne Villeneuve quite by chance at our local library and quickly got caught up in the caper. Booklist: “‘Another gray day’ becomes a slapstick adventure with Turpin the taxi driver as the star in this nearly wordless, award-winning French import. Attempting to return a scarf left in his taxi, Turpin follows a mysterious man into a circus tent and becomes involved in the acts, including being swallowed by a lion and falling from the high wire into a trunk that is then pierced with swords. When he is magically removed from the trunk, Turpin is presented with the scarf before a delighted audience and sent on his way by the friendly circus troupe. Viewers will be entranced by the impressionistic illustrations of expressive characters rendered in an array of muted colors. Small scenes, several per page, depict the action as Turpin moves through each hair-raising encounter. Consistently surprising and irrepressible.” Giggle factor: moderate. Adult enjoyment: likely. Illustrations: four jelly jars.


~ by kaychubbuck on February 20, 2011.

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