Finn Throws a Fit!

David Elliott and Timothy Basil Ering‘s Finn Throws a Fit! is most notable for its artwork, but it is also a simple tale to which most parents and toddlers — and pretty much anyone familiar with tantrums — can relate. Kirkus Reviews: “To say that Finn, a blue-shirted, yellow-booted tot with more than a passing resemblance to Humpty-Dumpty, is out of sorts is to severely understate the case. When his mother offers him his usual plate of peach slices — the very idea! — he throws the mother of all fits. There’s ‘Thunder in the nursery! / Lightning in the kitchen!’ and so on. Elliott spins out the climatic metaphors for Finn’s tantrum up to and including a blizzard, the emotional weather so severe that the family’s little white dog flees the house entirely. Ering, always atmospheric, goes happily nuts with the premise, his mixed-media-charcoal, oils and grease pencil-illustrations almost palpably three-dimensional in their wind-blown vigor. If Finn’s fit is impressive, its aftermath is equally effective: The little boy sits, collapsed, on the floor, exhaling his last puff of anger before he decides that he’d ‘like those peaches now. / Please.'” Giggle factor: moderate. Adult enjoyment: possible. Illustrations: five jelly jars.


~ by kaychubbuck on March 28, 2011.

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