Jazz ABC

Wynton Marsalis and Paul RogersJazz ABC is the best bedtime book we’ve found; we’ve not yet made it halfway through without James falling asleep to the syncopated rhythms and alliterative verse. I love that he falls asleep; he loves that the first page is designed to look like a record popping out of its sleeve. This book is meant for older children, but it works for little ones too. School Library Journal: “Fans of poetry, jazz, and modern art will all love this book. With Marsalis handling the words and Rogers the graphics, they have created an illustrated catalog of great jazz innovators from A (Louis Armstrong) to Z (Dizzy Gillespie). Large, colorful, LP-size paintings of the forefathers and mothers of jazz face cleanly printed, sometimes shaped poetry. The stylized artwork is gorgeous, evoking the spirit of pop art, Blue Note album covers, and 1920s advertising art. Particularly eye-catching are the images of Thelonious Monk (an homage to early 20th-century food-label graphics) and Eubie Blake (with hands and a keyboard integrated into the poem), but every page is a delight to behold. Although Marsalis includes 27 different poetic forms, his poems move along similarly at the pace of a drum solo. The selections are visual, but work best when read aloud like slam poetry, beat poetry, or hip-hop.” Giggle factor: not applicable. Adult enjoyment: if you like jazz. Illustrations: four jelly jars.


~ by kaychubbuck on May 13, 2011.

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