Blue Chameleon

Emily Gravett‘s Blue Chameleon is, I must admit, rather more like Leo Lionni‘s A Color of His Own than it is like Gravett’s Spells, Meerkat Mail, or other quirky books. But it is a very sweet, extremely short & beautifully illustrated introduction to colors nonetheless. Publishers Weekly: “If a chameleon is blue, whom does he woo? ‘Hi,’ says the chameleon on the left-hand page to a banana on the right; he’s curved his body and changed his skin to match the banana. ‘Hello Hello Hello,’ he says to an unimpressed pink cockatoo, turning pink and angling his arms to duplicate her wings. A ‘swirly’ snail, a brown boot, a ‘stripy’ sock—the chameleon can make himself look like anything. He can even turn white and disappear into the page (a white varnished outline shows him lying along the foot of the spread). Worry not: a happy ending is in store. As always, Gravett’s art charms; colored pencil lines on rough paper give the pages warmth, and the chameleon’s ‘disguises’ repay attention as readers spot similarities to and differences from the things the chameleon mimics.” Giggle factor: moderate. Adult enjoyment: if you like art. Illustrations: five jelly jars, more for the white chameleon (really).


~ by kaychubbuck on May 16, 2011.

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