Press Here

Hervé Tullet‘s Press Here is written in the same model as Duck! Rabbit! and Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus — but it is ever so much more “impressive.” School Library Journal: “Tullet’s spectacularly simple and successful concept book harkens back to a time when the term ‘interactive’ meant something entirely different than it does today. Three dots on a page, one yellow, one blue, and one red, ‘need’ readers help to make them multiply and move, either by pressing or tapping on them, blowing on them, shaking the book, or clapping. The dots, some of which mischievously show evidence of the illustrator’s fingerprints, share an abundance of white space with chatty, seemingly handwritten instructions. The presentation is casual and personal, lending to a sense of camaraderie in causing those little dots to dance, a magical use of physicality that makes children feel like they control the book. And it’s just plain fun. Tilt it sideways, turn the page, and the dots have all settled on the edge of the paper. Clap once, twice, and three times, and the dots have grown very big. [In] this brief but brilliant book . . . Tullet reminds readers that a child’s imagination truly needs only the most basic of instruments to soar high and far.” Giggle factor: uproarious. Adult enjoyment: depends on your tolerance for children shrieking with laughter. Illustrations: three jelly jars (hard to go higher with just dots, however nice).


~ by kaychubbuck on May 18, 2011.

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