Built to Last

David MacAulay‘s Built to Last is intended for older children; as such, each of the three chapters are REALLY LONG. But for any child obsessed with construction, this book is a must. James is riveted by the architectural plans, cross sections and building sites. He carefully listens to every line. Booklist: “As it was originally conceived, this title would group together newly colorized versions of three previously published single titles about some of the world’s most lasting structures: Macaulay’s Cathedral (1973) and Castle (1977), both Caldecott Honor Books, and Mosque (2003). In his moving introduction, though, Macaulay explains that after looking closely at the two older titles, he realized that simply washing the original drawings in color was not an option. Dissatisfied with ‘ambiguous cross sections’ and ’embarrassing lapses in scale,’ Macaulay completely redid Cathedral and Castle, adding new drawings in beautifully redesigned formats. The new images are not only colorized but they are also humanized; more people appear on the pages. Macaulay has also tightened and rewritten text in the two older titles, creating even stronger narratives. Mosque, originally printed in color, received a few format changes and new drawings. The collective impact of this celebratory, awe-inspiring compendium . . . is powerful and will draw an even wider, all-ages audience.” Giggle factor: not applicable; has a “wow” factor instead. Adult enjoyment: if you like architecture. Illustrations: varies from three to five jelly jars, depending on the spread.


~ by kaychubbuck on May 26, 2011.

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